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Beauty treatments

Experience top of the range laser hair removal technology at Laser Aesthetica!


Facials whether you’re and run-down, experiencing breakouts, or merely in need of a skin treat, a good facial at Laser Aesthetica is the perfect way to make yourself look and feel much better.

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Eye treatments

Eyebrow shaping is using tweesters or wax to reshape the brow completely or just to remove stray hairs that spoil the overall look of the brow. Eyebrow/ eyelash tint adds depth and intensity to existing colour for clients who do not like wearing make up, cannot wear mascara or for swimmers ect. *Please note patch tests must be carried out at least 24 hours before tinting treatment can take place.

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A very effective treatment for giving you a fresh young looking glow to your skin. One of Laser Aesthetica’s more popular treatments that can transform your complexion, giving you a new found Radiance.

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Electrolysis (Electrical Epilation)

FDA approved method of a precision hair removal procedure using Galvanic epilation which is one of many forms to remove unwanted hair. These treatments are usually recommended for clients with very light, red or grey hair.

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Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Enhancements

  • Helps to save time by those with a busy schedule
  • Allows to maintain flasless look 24/7 with no smudging or need of re-applying
  • Excellent solution for men and women with alopecia or sparce eyebrows
  • Brings back color and definition
  • Emphasizes, accentuates eye colour
  • Provides volume and symmetry

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Georgina F.

What a lovely place it is. The girls in there are really helpful and the prices very competitive. One happy customer!

Jenn I.

(They) said, 'have this one treatment and you be the judge of the improvement.' And I have to say, it's pretty dramatic! I'll definitely be going back again.