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Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Enhancements

Experience top of the range laser hair removal technology at Laser Aesthetica!

Semi-Permanent Micro-pigmentation


Creating well balanced and perfectly positioned eyebrows will harmonize the whole face, emphasise the eye colour, correct any asymmetry and give an instant lift to the eye area. Two main methods being used are: Hair by hair technique - Individual hair strokes mimicking the natural look of the eyebrow hair. Fine mist / Block of colour - Imitating conventional makeā€”up applied using pencil.


A fine mist of colour placed in between lashes (on upper and/or lower lid) will add a definition and compliment the eye colour with no apparent eyeliner above the lash line. Fine liner (both upper and lower lid) might change the eye optically enlarge it and this way impact the looks of the entire face. For a more defined look, Medium Thickness or Thick Eyeliner is an ideal option.


Lip Blush brings a flush of colour back to pale lips. It is the ideal procedure for older clients that are losing their natural lip colour and border definition. Full Lip Colour is the procedure that will create or bring definition back, correct unevenness, give a hint of colour or give an impression of fuller lips which has a rejuvenating effect on the looks. It allows for the 'lipstick on' effect but with no smudging or need to re-apply. Lip Liner treatment (with or without shading) offers volume and symmetry.

Enhancements for men

Each enhancement is individually designed and begins with a consultation, where personal expectations are discussed. The application is a process of gradually adding layers of pigment. A minimum of two visits are required to complete the treatment, as the first appointment creates a softer effect whilst the 'follow up' treatment is to fine tune colour density as well as carry out any adjustments in order to achieve subtle and most naturally looking results.

We specialize in corrections

We have the know-how, skills and techniques to colour correct bad permanent makeup created by other companies. Eyebrows with un-natural orange, blue, grey and green colourings and lip procedures with blue, purple and grey staining can be reworked and brought back to a more attractive look with the skilled layering of corrective pigments Your expectations must be realistic, as results are not always comparable to new permanent makeup enhancements.

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Georgina F.

What a lovely place it is. The girls in there are really helpful and the prices very competitive. One happy customer!

Jenn I.

(They) said, 'have this one treatment and you be the judge of the improvement.' And I have to say, it's pretty dramatic! I'll definitely be going back again.