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Beauty treatments

Experience top of the range laser hair removal technology at Laser Aesthetica!


We use a medical grade machine to carry out this 35 Minute treatment which exfoliates and renews the skin while giving a plumping, brightening effect. Crystal fragments are used to exfoliate the top layer of the skin and a vacuum is used at the same time to suck the crystals, skin cells and debris away. Cotton pads are used to protect the eyes from any stray debris/crystals. The vacuum is then used without the crystals to plump the skin and stimulate the facial muscles.

If this is your first treatment then we do half the face and let you see the difference before finishing the treatment.

We recommend between 5-12 treatments for 'real' results at a 10-day to 2 week gap intervals and then top up treatments every 1-2months. Not suitable for people who suffer claustrophobia, bruise easily, have had fillers/facelifts/cosmetic injections or chemical peels in the past 6weeks or are planning to in the next 6 weeks, suffer from heavy/keloid scarring, have melanomas or excessive raised moles. If in doubt please contact your GP or medical practitioner before booking in for a treatment with us.

Georgina F.

What a lovely place it is. The girls in there are really helpful and the prices very competitive. One happy customer!

Jenn I.

(They) said, 'have this one treatment and you be the judge of the improvement.' And I have to say, it's pretty dramatic! I'll definitely be going back again.