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Experience top of the range laser hair removal technology at Laser Aesthetica!

Laser hair removal

Laser Hair removal is a more effective solution to remove unwanted hair permanently using state of the art laser systems specially designed to remove hair faster, with less discomfort and more reliably than other methods.

The laser machines we use at Laser Aesthetica are high powered and guaranteed to give you permanent hair reduction. Our clinic uses the X.C Light sheer and the N.D Yag laser machines.

Laser Aesthetica offers advanced hair removal for both men and women. We use state of the art technology and offer a range of laser hair removal treatments and beauty treatments to cater for our clients needs.

Non-invasive cosmetic procedure.

Laser Hair removal is one of the cheapest ways to remove unwanted hair with long term effects. Laser Hair removal is not all the same.

Many People do not realise that IPL (Intense Pulsed Laser) is an inferior version of hair removal and is not a true laser. It is not as effective as a true laser such as a diode laser or an N.D.Yag.

Is Laser Hair removal safe?

All our treatments are carried out post consultation and test patch to see suitability for treatment. We are FDA approved and our Staff are highly qualified to carry out the procedure.

Do we treat all skin types?

Yes we do. Both the X.C. Light Sheer and N.D Yag treat different skin types effectively giving permanent hair reduction. Our highly qualified staff know how to treat different skin types effectively.

Why choose laser hair removal?

Our lasers treat the hair effectively guaranteeing permanent hair reduction and getting rid of embarrassing body hair. Shaving, Waxing and pulling the hair out by the roots is only a temporary solution which often causes in growing hairs and infection in the follicles.


Why not call us today and book your free consultation and test patch. Our Telephone Number: 02089947222, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skin lesion, thread vein, freckle & pigment removal

We now offer skin Lesion, thread vein, freckle & pigment removal!

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Georgina F.

What a lovely place it is. The girls in there are really helpful and the prices very competitive. One happy customer!

Jenn I.

(They) said, 'have this one treatment and you be the judge of the improvement.' And I have to say, it's pretty dramatic! I'll definitely be going back again.